French mussels

french mussels

ingredients (serves 1)

1 handfuls of fresh mussels

50ml white wine

30g butter

1 clove garlic

150ml cream

chopped curly parsly

1tsp lemon juice

Served nicely with French bread


1.Start by cleaning your mussels in the sink removing anything you can from the outer shell

2.Next chop your garlic and start by frying it off in your butter on a medium to high heat after 2 minus add in your mussels and place a lid on your pan

3. Cook them off for two minutes then add in your white wine and cream cook for a father 5 minutes with the lid on so the cream comes to a boil, add in your Lemmon juice and stir

4.Once all mussel shells have opened up they are cooked and read to eat (if a shell doesn't open don't eat it just bin that mussel)

5.Searve up with some chopped parsley and a wedge of lemmon