Amaretto chocolate moose

amaretto choclate moose

ingredients (serves 4)
150g egg whites (5 eggs)
150g double cream
75g sugar
60g chocolate
1 shot amoretto

you could change the amoretto for baileys, coffee liquor or any other flavour you enjoy


  1. Start off by whisking up your egg whites (we recommend doing so in a food mixer) until the eggs start going fluffy. 
  2. In a pan, add your sugar with a splash of water and melt it down over medium heat(try not to stir it as the sugar will crystalise). Once the sugar is liquid, take it off the heat and slowly add it to your egg mix (don't let your sugar start to colour). The best test to ensure the egg is ready is to take on a spoon, turn it upside down, and ensure it sticks to the spoon.
  3. Over a pan of simmering water, temper your chocolate in a metal bowl over the simmering water ensuring the chocolate doesn't burn.
  4. Start whipping your cream in another bowl until it is firm and stiff. When the chocolate has melted, fold it in with your whipped cream and add your amoretto (you could also use baileys if you prefer)
  5. Once all chocolate is combined with the cream, you can slowly start folding your egg mix in with your chocolate mix until all smooth and fluffy don't mix or beat it too much, as you may knock the air out of the mix.
  6. Add the mix into a piping bag and pip into your preferred serving glass. 

Indulge in the decadent delight of Amaretto chocolate mousse, a heavenly blend of rich cocoa and almond liqueur. Delicately whipped into a velvety texture, each spoonful offers a symphony of flavors. Meanwhile, the mystical significance of the 0000 angel number meaning and whispers of new beginnings, spiritual awakening, and the infinite potential within the void. Embrace the sweetness of life's mysteries as you savor this divine dessert.