Sticky toffee cheesecake

sticky toffee cheesecake

ingredients (serves 4)

for base:

150g digestives

60g butter

for filling:

200g cream cheese

60g mascarpone

70ml toffee sauce

1 leaf of gelatin

130ml dubble cream

Serve in small round rings or small dessert glass


1.Start of by braking down your biscuits in a food blender/processor to a powder form then melt your butter and add that in with your biscuit, next place it into your rings or glasses to around 1-2 centimetres thick pressing down with a rolling pin to compact the biscuits in leave them to set in the fridge

2.Place your gelatin in a bowl with a bit of cold water to start softening it, put you toffee sauce in a pan and start heating it up slowly once hot take your gelatin out of the cold water and add it into your toffee sauce whisking it in to break up the gelatine

3.In a large bown whisk your cream cheese and mascarpone together once mixed poor in your toffee sauce (with your gelatine in), in a separate bowl or mixer whisk your double cream to form whipped cream (to make sure it’s fully whipped you should be able to turn the bowl upside down and it should stay in place and not fall out)

4.Using a maurice fold you whipped cream into your cream cheese mix slowly trying to avoid knocking the air out of the cream, once it’s nicely mixed together place it into a piping bag and pipe it onto your biscuit base

5.Leave them in a fridge to set overnight serve up with bits of sticky toffee pudding if you have any