Spaghetti carbonara

spaghetti carbonara

ingredients (serves 4)

100g pancetta or guanciale

100g parmesan or pecorino cheese


350g speghetti

2 cloves garlic

50g butter

cracked black pepper


1.Start by bringing a pot of water lightly seasoned to boil, take the rind off your pancetta/guanciale and chop into 1cm slices and 1/2 cm cunks place them into a cold pan with your garlic and bring to heat cook for around 8minutes

2.add your paster into your boiling water and cook (based on instruction on packet) till al dente (firm to bite)

3.Wisk your eggs and add in your parmesan/pecorino cheese seasoning with cracked black pepper

4..Once pancetta/guanciale is crispy take out your garlic and add in your butter when its melted add in your paster with a ladle full of paster water and after 1minute turn off your heat

5.add in your egg and cheese mix with another half a ladle full of pasta water mix together and paster will slowly go thick and creamy serve on a plate with some cracked black pepper over the top