Cinnamon apple sponge

cinnamon apple sponge

ingredients (serves 6)

1 tin of apples 

175g caster sugar 

175g dark brown sugar (extra for sprinkle)

7 eggs 

350g softened butter

350g self-raising flour 

1 tsp baking powder 

2 tsp cinnamon powder 

serve with custard or whipped cream


1. Start by draining the liquid off the tinned apple, and place parchment paper on the bottom of your baking tray. Sprinkle 3-4 tablespoons of dark brown sugar into the baking tray and place your apple slices on top. 

2. In a mixing bowl, combine 350 grams of softened butter with 175 grams of caster sugar and 175 grams of dark brown sugar. Once soft and combined, add seven eggs and beat together for a few minutes until fluffy and light.

3. once all are combined, siv in 350 grams of self-raising flour, one teaspoon of baking powder and two teaspoons of cinnamon powder into the mixture. When combined, transfer the mixer to your baking tray and smooth it out over your apples. 

4. Place the tray in the oven and bake for around 30 minutes. When you can press the cake, and it springs back, it’s ready to remove from the oven. Allow to cool slightly before serving 

5. We recommend serving with warm custard or whipped cream